Live American Music

The announcement became a moniker synonymous with the sound of the band Moondog Mantinee after their first tour. They discovered their sound on a makeshift marquee with the humble invitation spray-painted in red letters: Live American Music.  It was some six years earlier when I first met the band. I lived in a house where the band would occasionally practice. As their music grew roots and the sound became more familiar, I fell deeper into my own passion for photography. Years later our two passions would meet at a crossroads. They asked me to join them on tour up the Pacific North West in a school bus named Rosie. The life of touring musician is not so different from that of the working class. The days are long. The nights are mostly sleepless and the drinks are seldom free. But between the tow trucks and late nights--it's of the most gratifying lifestyles that I can fathom.